Founded in 1991, Gémo was created by Xavier Biotteau and his wife. He is now CEO of the Éram Group.
Our mission is our story: we aim to offer the whole family a wide range of footwear, clothing and accessories at the best value for money under one roof. This has been our guiding principle as we have grown, and continue to grow, in a sustainable way.
Below are the key dates that tell the story of our brand – and yours.

  • Launch of Mieux by Gémo

    Gémo launches its first responsible collection of organic and recycled clothing and footwear.

  • New store concept

    Gemo, the French brand of clothing, shoes and accessories for the whole family has come up with a new store concept, the Family Store fun, modern and connected, to meet the expectations of its customers and to conquer the international. A concept with a more attractive business formula combining seductive merchandising with a clear and accessible offering, a streamlined journey and new phyto services to enhance the customer experience. Developments that will guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Collaboration with influencer Lalaa Misaki

    Gemo wanted to respond to the problems of large size consumers by offering a trendy offer with the launch of its Grande Taille collection in collaboration with Lalaa Misaki. The collection completes the large radius already existing at Gemo.

  • New capsule collections

    After the initial collaboration with Maître Gims, Gémo creates a new collection with the brand Soprano: Kwell.
    Conscious of the problem women have finding clothes in smaller sizes, the brand creates a capsule collection of clothing, lingerie, footwear and accessories with the YouTuber Sweetie.

  • A new goal for 2020

    Gémo launches its Horizon 2020 project and sets itself the target of becoming the most customer-oriented French fashion brand.

  • First capsule collection

    Gémo ventures into the music world by collaborating with Gims.

  • Expansion overseas

    Gémo accelerates its overseas expansion (outside Europe) through a franchising and affiliate model.

  • Launch of the CSR initiative

    Gemo is launching its CSR approach by defining a compliance program for securing and tracing its products.

  • Affiliate network development

    Gémo continues its development in France thanks to new partners in affiliation as well as its reunification plan for its shoe and textile stores.

  • Launch of digital

    Gémo launches its online sales site gemo.fr

  • The third generation in action


    Xavier Biotteau, Gérard Biotteau’s youngest son, becomes chairman of the board of Éram SA. His older brother Luc becomes vice-chairman.

  • The concept is a success

    In just four years, Gémo has 128 stores throughout France.

  • Gémo is created


    Xavier and Catherine Biotteau (3rd generation) created Gémo in 1991 around a simple idea: to offer for the whole family a wide choice of shoes, clothes and accessories at the best quality / price ratio. The specificity of the brand is to bring together under one roof the world of clothing and footwear.

    The name of the brand comes from the association of the names of the leaders of the group Eram of that time Gérard and Simone Biotteau, parents of Xavier.

  • You’d have be crazy to spend more


    The slogan “You’d have be crazy to spend more” is created. Éram’s notoriety reaches new heights thanks to its quirky advertising campaigns. The brand moves from being a footwear manufacturer to a major player in the retail sphere.

  • Gérard Biotteau succeeds his father


    When he joined the company in 1940, Gérard Biotteau continued Éram’s transformation into France’s leading footwear manufacturer.

  • The franchise model is created


    At the end of the 1960s, the company becomes the second largest national brand with 80 branches in France. To accelerate growth, Éram imports the American franchise concept to France. In 1969, the company creates a franchisee club – ”Club Éram” – which enables the company to grow its network exponentially. Éram is now the largest French retail chain of stores operating under the same brand.

  • Innovation as a strength


    Éram invents the revolutionary “Plastifor” process for manufacturing plastic soles. Ten new factories are set up to meet demand for the product.

  • The first Éram store opens


    Éram’s founder fulfils a long-held dream: Éram becomes a footwear retailer. He explains that this decision stems from the brand’s need “to fully understand market needs and how the tastes and wants of customers are evolving.”

  • The Éram brand is created


    Albert-René Biotteau creates the Éram brand with his wife. Ahead of his time, his name for the brand is a reverse anagram of the first two letters of his first name (René) and his wife’s (Marie).

  • The story of Eram begins


    With his family legacy Albert-René Biotteau creates his own company: “Biotteau-Guéry establishments”. The company is named after Albert-René and his wife Marie Josèphe Guéry.

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