At Gémo, our trucks also run on natural gas for more virtuous logistics

Chez Gémo, nos camions roulent aussi au gaz naturel pour une logistique plus vertueuse

Pillar number 2 of our CSR initiative: controlling our energy consumption. Part of our logistics fleet now runs on liquefied natural gas, or LNG.

To reduce our ecological footprint and preserve the environment, at Gémo we are rethinking every aspect of our supply chain. 

In particular, we are stepping up our efforts to reduce pollution from our freight transport by seeking alternative fuels that emit fewer fine particles and CO2.

Since May 2019, some of the deliveries from our platforms in the PACA and Rhône-Alps regions use vehicles running on Liquefied Natural Gas or LNG.

Result: today, nearly 30% of Gémo’s freight traffic uses a more environmentally friendly solution!

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