Charity Clearance Sale: an action that is gaining ground…

At the head office and in the stores, more and more Gémo employees are getting involved in our charity clearance sales. This commitment is perfectly in line with our CSR initiative, the third pillar of which is Solidarity.

2015-2018. We were only a handful in 2015. There were only 4 volunteer employees 3 years ago but in 2018, 60 volunteer employees have committed to support our “Charity Clearance Sales”.

Twice a year, we organise big charity clearance sales for employees at our premises. The idea is to sell samples, old stock, etc. to our employees.

All proceeds from the sale are then donated to charities or good causes chosen by our employees.

In 2018, our revenue will go to the “Maisons Lazare” charity, which helps young working people and the homeless share apartments and to “Children Of The Sun”, which helps the most vulnerable children in Ethiopia. And also, setting up a medical camp in India. Which we have been doing twice a year since 2017.

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