City Trucks

Music festivals are a big part of summer. And we’re getting into the swing!

The City Trucks festival—where the world of contemporary music meets road transport—is held every year at the end of summer a few kilometres from our head office in Maine-et-Loire. And why wouldn’t Gémo take part and get closer to its customers? The idea was born in 2018 when a small group of our employees got together around the coffee machine. A fashion brand in amongst all the trucks, rockers and chip vans? Bring it on!

Our employees were given the green light to set up a partnership with the festival organisers, a group of mates who weren’t afraid to take a risk and knew how to successfully bring together young rock and rap fans, truck drivers and families (entry to the festival is free for under 12s). So, a Gémo store sprang up in the middle of the festival, among the electric guitars and shouts of “YO!”. Our passionate team of forty or so had the pleasure of introducing our collections to the seventy-five thousand visitors who flock there each year. One of the highlights was a colourful fashion parade held at the front of the main stage. Fashion and rock: a wicked combo!

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