Working together to better serve our customers: since 2016, we have been proponents of so-called “participatory innovation”.
This involves all our employees in helping to think up and run innovative new projects.

At Gémo, aware of having to reinvent ourselves in this period of transformation, we have developed new practices of collaborative innovation. The initial idea is to take over the entire path and experience of a collaborator within the organization and regardless of the length of the journey within Gemo. We seek to develop more operational efficiency, performance and individual fulfillment for each of our employees. Collaborative innovation therefore involves managerial innovation, which constitutes a real break in our corporate culture. We train our managers and make their posture evolve towards more horizontality, by positioning their teams next to them, allowing to develop more transversality and expertise. The objectives are to encourage employees to work together

At Gémo, we are convinced of the importance of the development of skills of “how to behave” , beyond the necessary skills of “know-how”.

This managerial innovation is first of all carried out by the management teams, around three strong principles: to release the word of the employees and make the managers aware that the ideas can come from the teams, to train and support the project management methodology, and invite to cultural openness. This materializes in actions like our

Forum Opened in 2017 as a result of which 10 innovative projects have already been created. An example: G’Fait mer, an ephemeral shop located on the beach, to present our collection of bath and beach accessories for the whole family.

Then, to deeply anchor managerial innovation in our corporate culture, we implemented a 5-step approach:

– Embody these 3 principles by CODIR and show exemplarity

– Symbolize collaborative innovation by a place of experimentation: “Le Bocal”

– To liberate thanks to the internal communication and by proposing events for the collaborators thanks to “Diffusers of happiness”

– Accompany and transform the wills of action with workshops, workshops and trainings to the project method

– Prove daring and advances in innovationManager with one major event per year, “The Thank You Party” for head office employees.

For tomorrow, we are building even more actions in the service of individuals, before thinking about business, particularly through the launch of a Campus, the creation of educational paths and solidarity actions.


Our collaborative projects collaboratifs

For a better, more responsible fashion future, here are some of the other exciting projects we are working on with our employees, suppliers and/or customers.

City Trucks In France

City Trucks In France

City Trucks Music festivals are a big part of summer. And we're getting into the swing! The City Trucks festival—where the world of contemporary music meets road transport—is held every year at the end of summer a few kilometres from our head office in Maine-et-Loire....

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Fire safety: with the Bangladesh fire service

Fire safety: with the Bangladesh fire service

Fire safety: with the Bangladesh fire service  Fire safety at our suppliers’ production facilities is an important concern. In Bangladesh, we have trained the fire service to make sure it is properly managed.Instead of treating our partners like simple suppliers, our...

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Gémo’s new concept store

Gémo’s new concept store

Gémo's new concept store Gémo is launching a new international omnichannel concept store: the fun, modern and connected Family Store. Gémo, the French clothing, footwear and accessories brand for the whole family, has created a whole new store concept—the fun, modern...

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