Gémo helps completely renovate a school in India

Pillar number 3 of our CSR initiative: solidarity. With education as the main motivator because we are a family retailer… Wherever we are, we are strongly committed to the education of the children of those who work with us

Education is probably the most important thing in life. We therefore do all we can to give our employees’ children access to a high-quality education in countries where it is not always easily accessible.

School is not just a place of learning, but also one of self-fulfilment. We are therefore particularly proud of the part we played in completely renovating the Uppilipalayam primary school in Tiruppur in southern India, close to where our workshops are located.

Its five hundred students include many whose parents work in our partner factories.

The renovations took place from 18th March to 13th April 2018. A project carried out by the Gémo team locally, in collaboration with the employees of our partner factory whose children attend school on site.

As well as substantial building work and painting, the ceiling was reinforced, sanitary facilities were repaired and new ones were installed, and the areas around the building were updated.

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