Gémo is committed to the environment with the operation “Together for the climate”

From 1st – 15th June 2019 we participated in the operation “Together for the Climate”. The aim was to raise general public awareness about environmental issues…

For two weeks, Gémo and 14 other retailers showcased the actions they have already undertaken to help preserve the environment.

Among the actions that we have put forward at Gémo through this operation:

1. Our Mieux by Gémo collection: clothes, shoes and accessories made of organic cotton and recycled materials.

Since 6th March 2019, all products in the “Mieux by Gémo” collection have been made from organic cotton (85% of the collection) and recycled materials (15% of the collection).

More responsible materials to reduce the impact our production has on the environment. In addition to the health of our customers, it is the health of the farmers and surrounding communities that we want to preserve.

2. Our initiative to reducing energy consumption at our points of sale has been in place since 2014.

Technical audits, implementation of measurement tools and investments in less energy-consuming technologies – more efficient air conditioning, LED outdoor signs, etc. – programming heating, air conditioning and lighting systems to control our energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our energy management initiative has already been recognised and we have  ISO 50001 certification for all our stores.

3. Securing our products

All products on the market must comply with Gémo specifications: supplier compliance with limits or bans on the use of substances in line with European regulations (REACH for example), regulations on biocides and persistent organic pollutants. And we go even further when we consider a substance to be a risk.

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