Gémo pledges to do “Better”

With our Mieux collection, we are promoting our commitment to create fashion that is accessible and responsible for everyone

The MIEUX Campaign…

On 6th March 2019, Gémo launched its “Mieux by Gémo” collection designed for the whole family, with items made either from organic cotton OR recycled plastic fibres.

The “Mieux by Gémo” collection is:

1. Responsible

We are reducing the environmental impact of our production and better protecting the health of our customers, farmers and the communities we work with.

2. For everyone

From babies to pregnant women, to teenagers…not to mention men! This collection thinks of everyone.

3. Fashion

On-trend pieces created by our designers, proving that Mieux helps you do Better in style.

4. Affordable prices

Our reasonably-priced collection means everyone can afford it.

5. Which marks the beginning of a great story

Gémo always wants to do better! We are committed to reducing our energy consumption. We facilitate access to education for the poor. We give life to projects thought up by our employees, whose commitment impresses us every day!

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