Gémo signs the “Responsible Supplier Relations” charter

Hubert AUBRY, CEO of Gémo has signed the “Responsible Supplier Relations” Charterdesigned by the Médiation des Entreprises and the Conseil National des Achats.

Through its 10 Commitments to Responsible Purchasing, this Charter will help build a balanced and lasting relationship between the major brands and their suppliers, in the knowledge of and respecting the respective rights and duties of each party.

The value of the Charter is two-fold:

  1. The signatories can promote and affirm their ambition to enter into a “win-win” partnership with their suppliers.
  2. It requires the appointment of an “SME Correspondent” within the signatory company who will act as an internal mediator to facilitate the settlement of any supplier disputes.

The Charter is above all intended to be pragmatic. These are not abstract commitments; they are achievable goals.

This charter is a concrete expression of Gémo’s desire to build a relationship with our partners based on availability, discussion and support for our suppliers.

Gémo is thus the first textile brand to commit to a responsible purchasing policy, with the ambition of offering sustainable and accessible fashion to everyone.

Gémo’s ultimate goal is to obtain the “Responsible Supplier & Purchasing Relations” Label.

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