In Bangladesh, Gémo trains its suppliers in fire safety

Au Bangladesh, Gémo forme ses fournisseurs à la sécurité incendie

As part of our social audit initiative which aims to inspect all of our suppliers by the end of 2020, we regularly organise fire safety workshops in partnership with the Bangladesh Fire Department. Because fire risk has been identified as the main risk for our suppliers in this country. 

These workshops include different types of exercises such as: 

  • activating the fire alarm,
  • the general state of the buildings and their evacuation,
  • equipment and signs related to fire risk,
  • the use of fire hoses, etc.

We also check factory equipment and identify areas for improvement in team training and coordination.

We have made fire prevention one of the priorities of our actions in Bangladesh with our partners who manufacture our products.

Our involvement and that of the local fire brigade, particularly in Bangladesh, gives our suppliers greater independence and means they can manage their safety more effectively.

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