Solidarity – Head office employees are committed to the professional integration of young people

On 18th July 2018, the association “Nos quartiers ont des talents” was in Saint-Pierre-Montlimart. The opportunity to present its missions and recruit new sponsors at Gémo headquarters.

On 18th July 2018, the two Pays de la Loire delegates from “Nos quartiers ont des talents” (NQT) were invited to the Gémo headquarters in Maine-et-Loire. A joint operation with the ERAM Group since 2017. 

Their mission: present the equal opportunity charity to employees.

Promoting the professional integration of young graduates

NQT promotes the professional integration of young graduates. 3 years and above in higher education, under 30 years of age, from modest social backgrounds or priority areas.

Fostering confidence and independence

Becoming a mentor means committing yourself to long-term support… The volunteer employees – already about ten – will share their experience until the young person finds a job in a sector that appeals to him or her.

Objective: by providing help and support, the young person will gain self-confidence and become more independent.

A commitment that makes sense

Supporting the NQT charity makes sense for Gémo, a family-oriented company that is for all families. By promoting education and involving our employees, it is also part of our commitment to do better. And it involves the principles of solidarity, one of the 4 main pillars of our action.

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