The Gémo container moves to Bordeaux-Lac

Le container Gémo s’installe à Bordeaux-Lac

A second summer season for the Gémo container, which this year is in Bordeaux-Lac.

After Mimizan in Les Landes, until 31st August 2019 theGémo container will be in Auchan’s car park in Bordeaux-Lac, just outside Bordeaux. 

With always the same key idea for theNouvelle Aquitaine Gémo teams: make responsible and easy-going fashion accessible to meet the needs of all families.

The Gémo container began as an employee initiative in 2018.

The objective at the time was to present our new collection of swimwear and accessories as close as possible to the beaches. A real success! This is why we are rolling out the concept again this year.

In Mimizan or Bordeaux, an initiative that is in line with Gémo’s desire to innovate and involve our employees more and more.

Collaborative innovation is indeed one of the 4 pillars of our CSR commitment and of our progress initiative.

Since 2016, we have been cultivating a sense of participative innovation by involving our employees in numerous projects.

With a double objective:

  1. learn how to work better together,
  2. better serve our customers.

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