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Since 2012, Gémo has been committed to its CSR approach. We call this progressive approach MIEUX (BETTER). It requires us to be more responsible and more transparent, and Gémo and the ÉRAM Group have taken this on board. There is still a lot to be done and we are working very hard to improve and innovate. We are determined to play our part in meeting the challenges of sustainable development and build the trust of all those in France and overseas who choose us now or in the future.

It is therefore essential to move towards a more ecological business model from the design phase through to end of life. Every employee, whatever their position in the organisation, is a driver for change and progress.


What we love doing

What we love doing Testing new approaches, developing tangible, useful projects and collaborating as a team: learn more about our “Mieux” laboratory, a catalyst for new initiatives and a force for innovation and shared ideas.
For better, more responsible fashion that’s accessible to all.

Gémo pledges to do “Better”

Gémo pledges to do “Better”

Gémo pledges to do "Better"With our Mieux collection, we are promoting our commitment to create fashion that is accessible and responsible for everyone The MIEUX Campaign... On 6th March 2019, Gémo launched its “Mieux by Gémo” collection designed for the whole family,...

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Gémo helps completely renovate a school in India

Gémo helps completely renovate a school in India

Gémo helps completely renovate a school in IndiaPillar number 3 of our CSR initiative: solidarity. With education as the main motivator because we are a family retailer... Wherever we are, we are strongly committed to the education of the children of those who work...

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4 founding pillars

We do not want to spread our efforts too thinly. Four priority areas guide what we do and who we work with.

Traçabilité & Compliance
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Traceability & continuous improvement

The quality of our products is as important as their affordability. We monitor where our products come from and our partners must respect our demanding requirements. Wherever we manufacture, we have a team in place to ensure that our commitments are met and to support our suppliers on a daily basis.

Efficacite energetique
Energy efficiency

We are working hard to manage our energy consumption and reduce our waste. We are doing this by empowering our staff and suppliers and by using the most effective technical and technological innovations.

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Energy : waste
Managing waste by wasting less and recycling more

From our stores to our shoe boxes and “pocket bags” being offered automatically at the till, reducing waste at Gémo is everybody's business.

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Driven by the humanitarian values of the Éram Group, we are committed to helping educate children, equal opportunities in the workplace and diversity in the areas in which we operate. Giving young people better access to a high-quality education and the work market is the key to their self-fulfilment and to global progress.

Solidarity: medical camps
Setting up medical camps

Since the start of our Medical Camp project, around 300 people have benefited from a medical check-up.

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Traceability: partnership with the fire service
Fire safety with the Bangladesh fire service

Fire safety in our suppliers’ production facilities is an important concern. In Bangladesh, we have worked with the fire service to make sure it is properly managed.
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Innovation collaborative
Collaborative innovation

Working better together to come up with new ideas and better serve our customers: since 2016, we have been encouraging participatory innovation. At Gémo, every employee is involved in thinking up and running innovative new projects. Ten projects have already been set up since July 2017. They are independently led by employees from different fields who are working together for the first time.

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Collaborative innovation: City Trucks
City Trucks festival—our employees putting us in the spotlight

City Trucks festival—our employees putting us in the spotlight
The City Trucks festival combines contemporary music with road transport! In 2018, Gémo took part for the first time with a pop-up shop in the middle of the festival. It was an original way to introduce Gémo to festival-goers!

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